Dinghu Mountain
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  Peaks for Resting—from Evergreen Bridge to Mid-Hill Pavilion

  After you come to Dinghu Mountain, passing by the memorial gateway written Secluded and Beautiful Dinghu, there are thick bamboo forests at either side with comfortable breeze. Mid-Hill Pavilion is just dozens of meters away from the ancient mountain path following Evergreen Bridge and Fragrance Bridge, where there are many visitors taking a rest. Surrounded by Triatna Peak at the back, Circuitousness Ridge in the front, Green Dragon Ridge and Couching Tiger Hill at either side, you can see a range of dark green mountains with leafy old trees reaching into the sky and Dinghu carved on the cliff with the best vigor. This is the first scene of Dinghu Mountain—Peaks for Resting. An ancient couplet is hanged inside the pavilion to encourage visitors not to give up or be afraid of the rest distances but to keep on exploring beauties after a rest.

Organizer: guangdong zhaoqing xinghu scenic spot administration
Address: guangdong zhaoqing city civilization north road no. 1