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  Verdant Qingyun—Qingyun Temple

  Taking stairs up after passing by Bushan Pavilion, we will arrive at Qingyun Temple, one of the four famous temples in the south of the Five Ridges. It is also called Lotus Peak, because continuously surrounding peaks look like lotus. Composed by dozens of cabanas, the temple leans on hillsides, separating in seven levels and five rows. Besides, the alley of each cabana is connected with each other. Leafy old trees reaching into the sky and special aroma of incense filling the front temple, there is a cauldron cooking for a thousand people, large bronze bell, Buddha’s relics and other Buddhist treasures in the temple. Camellia House is next to the temple with over three-hundred-year-old camellia in it. A thriving Bodhi tree of nearly two hundred years old stands in the front courtyard, while olive trees, Chinese cherries, litchis, Dracontomelon dao and other towering trees guard the temple in the back forest. It is a verdant site for you to discover seclusion and beauties in this ancient temple of the remote mountain.

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