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  Yu Ping Crag

  Yu Ping Crag is one of the ten new scenic spots of Seven Star Cave, where can be best appreciated at the east of Guo Shan Pavilion..

  Yu Ping Crag, is adjacent to Liang Feng Crag , with its steep south slope erecting like a jade screen facing the lake in the sunshine, and thus in spite of the steep slope, it bears a gentle temper instead of an awful atmosphere. Covered by luxuriant and thick evergreen trees, Yu Ping Crag looks like an emerald. In summer, intoxicating scent is given forth by blooming plumeria rubra and hylocereus undatus on the trees. With flowers as beautiful as jade, rock shaping like jade and evergreen trees as green as jade, “Yu Ping Crag”, meaning a crag of jade in Chinese, therefore, befits very much this scenic spot. Yu Ping Crag is a famous mountain for Taoism. There are many temples like Sanxian Concept, Jade Emperor Palace. They are symbols of the spirit of God in people mind so they have always enjoyed a booming pilgrimage. Besides, along the mountain trail, there are Shiyou Pavilion, the Scholar Stone Tablet, Baxian Rock, Hanzhu Path, Dai Yue Tai, Little Stone Forest and other places of interest.

  The Beauty of Yu Ping Crag is even praised in a poem: “how was such a fabulous landscape created?” (Guo Moruo)

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