Dinghu Mountain
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  Double Bridges—Lingxu Bridge and Feiqian Bridge

  Walking along the path from Thunderous Sound Pond, we will go across Waterfall-Listening Pavilion and Waves-Listening Pavilion. Finally, we can visit Double Bridges--Feiqian Bridge and Lingxu Bridge. Feiqian Bridge, around 50 meters long, is the highway towards Qingyun Temple, connecting with valleys. A dam under the bridge creates a natural swimming pool with ever-green-and-clear water. Lingxu Bridge, about 30 meters long, is an aqueduct, which forms a grade-separated junction with Feiqian Bridge. This bridge highly crosses over valleys, under which is gurgling stream. Bridges and forests, cloud and the sky make a beautiful view.


Organizer: guangdong zhaoqing xinghu scenic spot administration
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