Dinghu Mountain
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  Plunging Waterfall above the Pond--Splashing Pond

  Turn right at the crossway of the half way up the mountain along its path, and you will see Green Pavilion, passing by which Splashing Pond leaps to your eyes. The waterfall of Splashing Pond seems a hanging white silk, longer than 30 meters. Pouring down from the cliff, the splash sounds like thundering and creates a wall of fog around. Sometimes, water drops dance above the pond, like enveloping slow, and sometimes, a rainbow smiles in the sky because of reflected sunlight. How pleasant and relaxed to appreciate it at the Waterfall-Admiration Pavilion by the pond.

Organizer: guangdong zhaoqing xinghu scenic spot administration
Address: guangdong zhaoqing city civilization north road no. 1