Seven Star Cave
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  Tian Zhu Zhai Xing (The towering Tian Zhu Crag seems to catch the stars in the sky.)

  Tian Zhu Zhai Xing, is one of the ten new scenic spots of Seven-Star Cave, where can be best appreciated at the east of Seven-Star Bridge and Yicui Pavilion.

  Standing at the pavilion, the greenery along the sides and water scenery constitute a picturesque scene. The distant Tianzhu Crag is like a huge pillar reaching the sky. There is a Zhaixing Pavilion in the Tianzhu Crag. When people arrive at the highly-hung plank road, they will be cheerful and amazed. A poem, written by modern poet Huangyu, says”Laughter travels with the wind to the world of mortals and the happy face can be seen in the cloud. It is not difficult to reach the moon and after one catching the stars, he is unwilling to go back and desires to stay in heaven.”

Organizer: guangdong zhaoqing xinghu scenic spot administration
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