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  Shui Yue Yan Yun (rocks and waters against Shishi Crag)

  Shui Yue Yan Yun (rocks and waters against Shishi Crag), is one of the ten new scenic of Seven-Star Cave, where can be best appreciated from the place between Five Dragons Pavilion and Shuiyue Dyke.

  Cross Seven Star Bridge, walk tens of meters on the left and you will find the road towards Five Dragons Pavilion. Here you can see four Chinese characters “Shuiyue Yanyun” inscribed by an official Shen Junru in 1960s. Here, with rocks reaching the sky, water being as smooth as a mirror, appreciating Shishi Crag will be a great pleasure. When the moon comes out, moon, clouds and rocks are reflected on the water which will be much more pleasant. A poem written by Chen Jianhou, a poet in Ming dynasty, says that “if one never goes to visit mountain scenery again after having been to the Five Mountians, he must have not yet been to Seven-Star Cave. In fact, there are much more beautiful sceneries worthy of appreciation. ”  

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