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  Stele Pavilion for Friendship—Rongrui Stele Pavilion  

  Rongrui Stele Pavilion is located in the foothills of Lotus Peak, scores of meters away from Mid-Hill Pavilion. It was constructed after the architectural style in Tang Dynasty, composed by a pair of owl-tail adornments up at two sides of the roof, monster faces decorated in the ridge and dragon heads stretching out in four eaves. Such a solemn and generous stele pavilion creates the second scene of Dinghu Mountain. Actually, it is a monument for Rongrui, a Japanese monk studying in China during the Tang Dynasty. Under the eave in the front, there is an inscribed tablet written “Rongrui Stele Pavilion” by Puchu Zhao, the president of Chinese Buddhists Association. Moreover, President Zhao inscribed” The Monument for Master Rongrui from Japan, Studying in the Tang Dynasty” with formal script in the front of a vertical stone tablet, and its back was carved lines of Eulogistic Poem for Master Rongrui written by President Zhao. This tablet belongs to Guangdong Province key cultural protection unit, towards east 37 degree by north. It is the direction of Rongrui’s hometown—Mino, Japan. There is still a piece of marble carved with Chronicle of Rongrui stands on the left of the pavilion. 

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