Seven Star Cave
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  Xing Yan Yan Yu(In rainy season, all the crags are shrouded in the misty rain)

  Xing Yan Yan Yu, is one of the ten new scenic spots of Seven-Star Cave, where can be best appreciated at the place between Red Lotus Waterside and Yan Yu Bridge.

  When the rainy season comes, one will be deeply fascinated as if he were in a fairyland where mist obscures mountains and waters. A modern poet Duanyun says “Sunlight covers land and water while rain envelops the seven-star mountain. When one paddles in the water, he is in the world of mortals but feels like in the heaven. ”

  Duanyun: a modern poet as well as the former deputy director of the state planning commission 

Organizer: guangdong zhaoqing xinghu scenic spot administration
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