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  For Blessing—Tripod with Nine Dragons

  In 2000, Tripod Garden (around 13,000m2) was completed. Its Tripod with Nine Dragons and Dragon-King Ink-slab were listed in the Guinness Book of Records by Shanghai Guinness at that time. There are totally nine tripods as a symbol of promise, including Tripod with Nine Dragons, Square Tripod with Monster-face Pattern, Square Tripod for Harmony, Tripod with Dragon Pattern, Tripod for Qingong, Tripod for Relationships, Tripod for the Century, Tripod for the Return of Hong Kong and Macau. There is still one tripod for Taiwan, which means perfectness at the day of Taiwan’s return. The height of Tripod with Nine Dragons is 6.68 meters, the diameter 5.58 meters and the weight 16 tons. It is said that the tripod is intelligent and spiritual, so visitors write their wishes on the ball and throw them into the tripod for blessing.

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