Seven Star Cave
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  Shui Zhong Lin Qu (The Happiness in the Cypress Pine Forest)

  Standing at the north of the A-po Rock and overlooking the west, you will enjoy the beautiful view of spectacular vast cypress pine forest bathing in the sun and crossing the forest along the bridge and river. There is an oasis at the south of “the forest in water”, which owns sparse forest, grassland, lots of peach trees and beautiful broad view of the faraway mountains and nearby water. Therefore, when visitors rest here, they will enjoy endless fun by viewing rocks, paddling, walking into the forest or watching birds.

  Every February in spring, you can enjoy such a pleasant scene : the peach blossoms being in full bloom, signifying a joyful atmosphere; the willow drooping at the lakeside; reeds waving with wind; lake rippling; mountains undulating and migrant birds flocking. What a delightful scene full of songs of birds and scent of flowers! Visitors will be completely relaxed and indulge in pleasures .

Organizer: guangdong zhaoqing xinghu scenic spot administration
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