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  Old Temple in Cave

  Old Temple in Cave is one of the ten new scenic spots of Seven Star Cave, where can be best appreciated in Chu Mi Karst Cave of Fair Lake.

  Bi Tian Cave is commonly called Chu Mi Karst Cave or Bi Tian Cave of the God of Wealth. The cave is as vast as a hall with a skylight measured about 5 meter in diameter. The light shines into the cave through the skylight and creats an amazing spectacle. Lots of strange stones and marvelous scence can be seen in the cave, including a standing stone in human shape facing north. It fisted its hand with a small hole and it was said that there would be about 1kg rice coming out from the hole a day. What’s more, the Shi Tong old temple, one of the major government-protected cultural sites, which was built at the begining of Tang Dynasty, can been found in the cave. The temple was a place for people to worship Zhou Family who was known as the God of Wealth and in control of farming. He was the one who could ensure world peace and ample harvest. Pilgrims and tourists around the country come to pay their worship because of respect for the fame. Every festival of the God of Wealth, on the 5th day of the 5th lunar month and the day, 18th of the 1st lunar month, this God will open his treasury to people. At that thime, the temple will be buzzing with life. In addition, the legend “the cave can pruduce rice” and other stories are beautiful legends of the cave.

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